Yesterday’s News: July 27, 2012

The Hill: Senate Republicans shape energy agenda with eye on winning majority

By Ben Geman – 07/26/12 03:19 PM ET


Really, is this all we have to offer by way of energy policy? As you know, I’m no fan of policies that address climate change. Not because of my personal stance on climate change, but because the topic is politically divisive to the point of creating institutional inertia. Talking climate change is a dead end street in today’s political climate. But there are so many issues that have an energy component and which can be addressed by an innovative GOP. Where once the Republican party was home to conservatives, now it is  the home to preservatives.

Senate Republicans rolled out a series of big energy measures this week but declined to say whether they would try and move their agenda through in a catchall bill if they regain the Senate majority.

Senior GOP lawmakers unveiled plans Wednesday and Thursday that together greatly would expand oil-and-gas leasing onshore and offshore, speed up drilling permits, approve the Keystone pipeline, delay certain air pollution rules and limit mining regulations, among other provisions.

The plans serve as a political marker for Republicans heading into the elections and a platform for attacking President Obama’s energy policies.  More….


NY Times:  A Climate and Energy Stalemate

By JOHN M. BRODER   July 26, 2012,

Attuned to the public’s ambivalence, both political parties and their presidential candidates are playing down the climate issue. Instead, what passes for an energy debate in the United States is rivalry over which party is more devoted to extracting oil and gas from the ground and the seabed. More….  US Doesn’t Need Coal, Should We Export It?

by Staff:  07/25/2012

Coal consumption in the US slipped to its lowest levels since 1988 in the first quarter of 2012, and it’s glory days could finally be over here.

But demand for coal remains high outside the US, notably in China, and even in the UK, and exports from the US are up. They rose about 3.5% in the first quarter – some Appalachian mines now export 100% of their coal.  More…


NY Times: Where the Jobs Are

By GAIL COLLINS  July 25, 2012

Right now you are probably asking yourself: “What would it be like to live in a place with an unemployment rate of 1 percent?”

Me, too! So I went to Williston, N.D., to find out. There are certain things that journalists do as a public service because you, the noble reader, are probably not going to do them for yourself — like attending charter revision meetings or reading the autobiography of Tim Pawlenty. Going to Williston is sort of in this category. The people are lovely, but you’re talking about a two-hour drive from Minot.

Should the US endanger its citizens’ health, destroy our environment and contribute to climate change by exporting our coal?  More….


Reuters:  Big oil on the back foot in changing energy world   

By Andrew Callus  Wed, Jul 25 2012

(Reuters) – It happens every time.

Oil prices fall and the industry turns cannibal: big energy companies hunt out bargains among overstretched producers and promising explorers. It’s the season for takeovers and asset deals again.

Only this time, there are no easy pickings for the U.S. and European heavyweights such as Exxon (XOM.N), BP (BP.L), Shell (RDSa.L) and Chevron (CVX.N). The oil “majors”, which report second quarter results in the next few days, have rarely looked so threatened.  More….

National Journal: GOP Won’t Stop Pentagon’s Green-Energy Push

By Olga Belogolova July 25, 2012 |

Republicans in both the House and Senate this year have proposed cutting funds for alternative-energy programs in the defense authorization bill. But these efforts won’t gain much traction, National Journal’s Energy & Environment Insiders say.

More than 70 percent of Insiders say that the Defense Department’s move to use more biofuels will survive congressional opposition, arguing that lawmakers will have trouble saying no to the Pentagon. More….


Denver Post:  When it comes to renewable energy potential, it’s Texas by a mile

By Mark Jaffe, 26 July 2012

Texas has got a lot of wind turbines , the most in the country. It’s a well known fact.

Now, a new study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory  in Golden Colorado finds that when it comes to a suite of different solar technologies, geothermal, and even bio-power Texas has the potential for a lot of juice.

The state-by-state analysis calculates the “technical potential” for developing different types renewable energy More..


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